Here's your free training on 3 keys to Standing in your Power
This is one of the 46 group coaching sessions
If you enjoyed this training, I'd like to make a special offer to you for access to an entire year's worth of my group coaching archive for only $49

Learn the principles of Zenpowerment through this archive of the group coaching program of the Closet Hippie Club

What You'll Learn:
You'll get all of the recordings from one year of Closet Hippie Club recordings. This is a $1,200 value. Coaching topics include:
  •  Importance of daily ritual
  • Love versus fear
  •  Standing in your power
  •  Meditation and journaling
  •  Productivity hacks
  •  Emptying the cup
  •  Power of choice and meaning
  •  Filters and programming
  •  Partnering with the Universe
  • Essentialism
  •  Life funnels
  •  Stories and reality
  •  Energy and oneness
  •  4 pillars of emotional mastery
  •  Trigger work
  •  ... and many more
By signing up for this online course, you'll get 46 recorded sessions (more than 25 hours of content) of the Closet Hippie Club group coaching session for only $49.

This will allow you to watch each session at your pace and convenience.

If just ONE of these topics changes your life, it's worth it.

Additionally, after completing the course, you'll get a free one-on-one coaching session with me
During this session, you'll be able to ask any questions, get clarifications on principles and how to apply them in your life. 

This alone is a $500 value
This is what people are saying about the coaching
"I have become more present in the moment, more connected with my people and a better, more positive leader as a result of Randy’s coaching which encouraged me to let go of those things that no longer served, and allow my authentic self to “shine through”. I speak differently, I think differently, and I lead differently. This is much deeper than a checklist of behaviors to get more done. It’s change that has affected me at the core."
- M. Sadler

"His approach is refreshing and effective. There are so many nuggets in what he teaches including how to better choose what to really focus on in business and in life and how to relate and work effectively to those you interact with. There is definitely a calm and focus in what Randy and Zenpowerment teaches. "
- B. Ware
"The things I learned are now inherent in me, and are allowing me to go faster and further in every regard."
- C. Conner

"The concepts that stood out the most for me are the concepts of standing in my power, as well as coming from a place of love instead of fear. Once I became aware of these principles, I could see where I was giving away my power. Through creating more awareness, as well as investing in myself through my daily ritual, I have been able to continually reclaim power that I was giving away."
- V. Cook

"I now love myself - all of me, the good and bad. I no longer attach to fear. I recognize bad programming of my brain so I can change it. I choose my reality. I am happier than ever before! Randy has been one of the very few people in my life that has changed it so dramatically for the better."
- M. Jenkins
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